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Fly fishing is an age old angling method renowned for catching a wide variety of game fish species, such as Trout, Salmon, pike, bass, panfish and carp.

Fly Fishing Holidays

Salt Water Fly Fishing Guide

Fly fishing is not traditionally a sport associated with the ocean. Fly fishing on rivers, dams and tranquil streams in the countryside better suits the traditional imagination.

There has developed a trend, however, for sea fishing to take on a new form – adopting the fly fishing techniques used in the countryside. Of course there are a few differences, especially when selecting fly patterns.

So when did this trend come about, imagine saltwater fly fishing from a boat? Many think of this as a new phenomenon, and it is understandable because there is not much documentation of the origins of saltwater fly fishing as such. Although researchers have dated saltwater fly fishing back

some two thousand years, it was during the 1970's and 1980's that modern fisherman started to become more open to the idea and many even became intrigued by this form of sport fishing. During those times there were a few well known fly fishermen who made a point of popularising saltwater fly fishing.

Saltwater flies, or fly fishing lures, have continually been subject to innovation, partly due to the fact that they need to hold up against the tough environment presented by the rough sea waters. Over the past thirty to forty years there has developed a recognisable difference between flies used along the northern shores of the United States coast line and flies used along the southern shores. On the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, in the northern section, flies have the general appearance similar to that of streamers or bucktails used in freshwater. In the southern parts, along both east and west coast, the tendency is to have a more complex design. These fly fishing patterns often incorporate elements such as a chenille body, wings of a bucktail or saddle hackle pattern, with a hackle collar that contrasts in colour. There is a trend for these patterns to showcase bright colours and the use of new materials goes hand in hand with a constant drive to innovate and ultimately improve the flies used for saltwater fly fishing. Sometimes these innovations are adopted by fresh water fly fishermen.

Initially bonefish were the most common catch for saltwater fly fishers, but since the 1960's there has been much change and a widening scope of potential fish to be caught on a saltwater fly fishing line. Dr. W. Robinson was the first man recorded to catch a seventy four and a half pound sailfish from the Pacific Ocean. Soon after that a sailfish was caught in the Atlantic ocean. These days there is a wide variety of saltwater fish which saltwater fly fishermen are targeting.

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